Upcycling in the face of Covid-19

Written by Lída Hrnčířová on 23 dubna, 2020.

People often say „Find the good in the bad“ – This is a very unfortunate saying in the current situation but we still hope there are those small victories that can make us at least a bit happy. And what should we rejoice in, if not just small victories when the whole World is falling deeper and deeper into depression? So, what’s making us happy?

Our small victory was stumbling upon our useless and wasteful stack of cloth. Sounds terrible but hear me out! In this article published some time ago, we’ve talked about testing different materials to use on the Cryptoucan™ packaging. We were trying to find the best textile for bags that would not only be stylish but that would keep Cryptoucan™ safely packaged, in one place with its USB cable, too. We’ve succeeded but we were left with a big amount of cloth for which we had no use – as we couldn’t buy the materials in samples.

Well, turns out it’s the perfect fabric to sew masks from!

Our awesome colleague looked up sewing patterns for face masks, jumped right behind the sewing machine and started working.

Picture 1: Miracle transformation – from useless cloth into, hopefully, life saving masks

We ended up with more masks one could count but they were disappearing quicker than our super-woman-colleague could make them. See, as protective measures were introduced – requiring citizens to wear masks whenever they leave the house, our friends and families were suddenly stuck at home without anything proper to cover their mouths with. So we started handing the masks out like candy.

Picture 2: They serve us well!

In the end, we’re glad we went through the whole process of buying all the material – now we have both beautiful bags to put Cryptoucan™ into and face masks that help us protect others from the haunting virus.

Picture 3: Cryptoucan™ bags right next to one of the first face masks we’ve made

That’s all for this week’s blog post! Stay safe and visit us back here next week for a new article!