Cryptoucan™ is here

Written by Dominik Joe Pantůček on August 23, 2018.

After a year of hardware and software development, we have finally created something. And that something is definitely worth the effort. The last week was really hectic and so there is just a little sneak peek into what has just arrived from the factory. Read on to see it!

As you might have expected, today’s post is neither about any technical details nor more Cryptoucan™ functionality[1]. For the last week we were really excited about passing an important milestone before mass production – our first unit has shipped. So let’s have a look what has just arrived.

Just about a week before we gave it the green light to go, the epoxy packages has arrived and we personally checked them before shipping to the manufacturer. You can see the packages being unpacked in Picture 1. Isn’t it neat?

Picture 1: unpacking epoxy packages in the lab.


There is not much to write. You can see the resulting device in Picture 2.

Picture 2: a few shots of real Cryptoucan™.

But yes, we made a short video, shot once again in our favorite café[2]. Do not expect anything complex, just look at the nice curves and matte finish in Video 1. Finally, Cryptoucan™ is real. Cryptoucan™ is here!

Video 1: Real Cryptoucan™ in motion.


Thank you for bearing with us and our excitement about the first unit produced. Rest assured that the very next week we are back with serious stuff. See ya!