Cryptoucan™ – second batch

Written by Dominik Joe Pantůček on October 4, 2018.

Second batch has just arrived! Read on to find out what is new, what has changed and what can you expect from us in the following months!

In June – as you may remember – we have given you a look under the hood[1] of Cryptoucan™[2] development and manufacturing process. We have received a batch of 28 PCBs with soldered components yesterday and today we can confirm that all of them work. This means we are now on 100% yield of the manufacturing process when it comes to device electronics. That is awesome!

You can see the batch-produced PCB rev3 for yourself in Picture 1 below. Yes, it looks familiar, there were just minor changes for revision three – mainly to improve our manufacturing and testing processes. From the end-user perspective, nothing changes, the design has been finalized quite some time ago.

Picture 1: front and back PCB

We wanted a spare plate of PCBs for testing parallel casting into epoxy and we actually got two. So now we are armed with 54 (yes, that is fifty-four) blank Cryptoucan™ PCBs for mechanical testing! As you can see in Picture 2, we have already started breaking them out and using for testing the casting process.

Picture 2: panel

And of course, the soldered PCBs in Picture 3 will be cast into epoxy over the course of next few weeks. We are really excited to see them in action soon! Actually we have already seen them in action. However, running the basic electrical and functional tests is not something everyone appreciates – so wait for some action when the devices are finished.

Picture 3: soldered


Thank you for following Cryptoucan™ development and stay tuned for more next week!