Cryptoucan™: packaging considerations

Written by Dominik Joe Pantůček on November 1, 2018.

After developing Cryptoucan™ and whilst preparing for its batch production, our focus had to shift on a different problem. We need to deliver the produced units to our customers and any delivery requires packaging. Read on to see what we are working on when it comes to Cryptoucan™ packaging.

When you get an electronic product, you sort of expect it to arrive in a box with a few layers of packaging. Usually you also get at least some manual and accessories. However, the box goes usually directly to the bin and any other packaging layers typically go in the same direction. There are some exceptions though.

For a mobile phone, people quite often get some cover to protect it against scratching or breaking should it fall on the ground. If we look into other product categories, you can expect to get some slick sack for your glasses to carry them around. And this is where we looked for inspiration.

So yes, a small bag it is. There are many materials and many styles bag can have. As shown in Picture 1 below, our first attempt at creating a reasonably looking bag from reusable materials looks rather plain.

Picture 1:the very first attempt at Cryptoucan™ bag

Some of us like the first attempt and some of us did not. The general direction we were heading should be rather simple and we definitely want to focus on environment-friendly materials[1]. Therefore our graphic designer fired up his sewing machine and tested a few materials and styles. The results looked promising as seen in Picture 2.

Picture 2: some Cryptoucan™ bag options

We all agreed on basic background color and the bag shape. There are still discussions about what kind of closing to use, but a braided string looks like a nice solution. There are some open questions as whether to use one or two ends and if a mechanical brake is needed.

It is going to be interesting experience – developing something different than electronic hardware and its software. See our current model in Picture 3 below for yourself. Of course, it is not going to be just a plain bag with simple closing – but you will have to wait a few weeks, before we can show you the graphical design we have on our mind.

Picture 3: the current state-of-art Cryptoucan™ bag in development

All in all – even before we design the final packaging box, we want deliver Cryptoucan™ to early adopters as a nice and convenient package: in a bag. So when anyone asks you where does your Cryptoucan™ come from, tell them it comes from the Bag End[2].


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Or check bag?


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