Cryptoucan™ packaging revisited

Written by Dominik Joe Pantůček on November 22, 2018.

A few weeks have passed and our efforts at ensuring that we can deliver Cryptoucan™ in decent packaging yielded very promising results. Read on to find out how we slipped away from electro-mechanical design to advanced embroidery.

If you recall, we already decided to deliver Cryptoucan™ in a nice small bag[1]. As we wanted to keep its environmental impact low, we opted for cotton[2] cloth bags. Yet we want it to look attractive so that the users will actually carry their Cryptoucan™ in this bag. Otherwise it would be just another waste produced.

We opted for machine embroidery[3] to give our bags some decent design. The first – very simple – possibility can be seen in Picture 1 below, where we basically tested the whole idea.

Picture 1: First embroidery attempt on Cryptoucan™ bags.

Then we went on to try some design on both sides of the bag. This approach can be seen in Picture 2 and we agreed that some pattern is definitely needed on both sides of the bag. It looks way better than if we left one side blank.

Picture 2: Embroidery on both sides of Cryptoucan™ bag.

But it is not just about putting any design on both sides. The visuals should match what we want to emphasize. As can be seen in Picture 3 – the Cryptoucan™ logo goes nicely with the sign and for our company logo there is no further image needed.

Picture 3: Current state-of-art Cryptoucan™ bag design.

Although the results look very promising, there are still many technical issues that we need to address. But after another iteration or two, this is something we definitely want to include even for our early adopters. And as Cryptoucan™ is about to be shipped to first customers in December, it is going to be quite a ride to finish it on time.


Thank you for following our road to Cryptoucan™ release and I hope you enjoy these side-projects like we do! It is always nice to learn something completely different than what you are used to. Come back next week for more Cryptoucan™ news!



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