RacketFest 2020 Announcement

Written by Dominik Joe Pantůček on December 19, 2019.

As people say, Trustica is a strange company. Studying and applying cryptography, securing and penetrating informational networks and it’s got Racket everywhere. No surprise we are sending our delegate to a Racket event in Berlin next February!

Yes, it is true, February 2020 I am giving a talk and showing some fun Racket-powered appliances at RacketFest[1] in Berlin. It is a pleasure to participate on the development of what started as the most advanced implementation of Scheme[2] language and I am very curious about what the event will look like.

Of course you are going to see our Racket-backed computer-vision testing jigs[3][4] and our robotic arm with Racket vision[5]. And in the talk you might hear about the latest improvements to scribble/srcdoc[6] including how to scribble classes alongside your code.


Merry solstice and see you next week!


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