RacketFest 2020 – Next Thursday

Written by Dominik Joe Pantůček on February 20, 2020.

Although there is so much going on with Cryptoucan™ right now, it is not the only thing happening. A new semester has started, new students have arrived and time has come to invite you to the next conference where we can meet!

Yes, I know, I have already announced this in December[1] – but it is fun to work with Racket, it is amazing how much it can increase our productivity while developing all the support tools for manufacturing and quality control and we simply enjoy our work in a modern Scheme[2] variant.

If you happen to be in Berlin next Thursday, be sure to pop by at RacketFest 2020[3] and say hello!

In order to share some of those behind the scenes techniques, my presentation will focus on boosting your productivity by using Racket. For each example provided, there will be the “boost” feature highlighted and explained. You might be surprised, how little is needed to boost your productivity a lot!


See you next Thursday in Berlin!


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