brand-toucanIt has been more and more important lately to protect business and personal information not only during processing and storage but mainly as it is transported over public Internet. It usually requires huge effort to safeguard the data and it is necessary to train the whole staff appropriately. Ensuring that all employees are behaving according to best practices when dealing with their private keys becomes quickly a big problem.

Cryptoucan™ is a device that ensures the highest possible protection of the user’s private keys and it is extremely easy to use – without any security compromises. It is compatible with commonly used software.

Cryptoucan™ does not trust any external components – like the keyboard of host computer – and control and cryptographic operations are self-contained in the device. Despite so much functionality it is the size of common car keys.

It supports OpenPGP standard both for keys and messages. The operating system detects the device as OpenPGP SC permanently inserted into a Class 2 USB card reader. Cryptoucan™  supports the following algorithms:

  • Ed25519 – digital signatures, authentication
  • X25519 – encryption

The device does not support older cryptographic algorithms like RSA, DSA or ElGamal. It supports only one algorithm for each usage type. This further lowers the chances an attacker could abuse unused parts of the firmware. Cryptoucan™  contains only active code that implements supported standards and algorithms

Cryptoucan™ does not support exporting or importing keys and therefore it is guaranteed that there is one – and only one – copy of each private key and it is stored exactly in one Cryptoucan™  device.