Request Tracker

brand-rtIn the development of every – even a small – company there comes a moment when ad-hoc management of projects and tasks is just too much burden for the executive and it is appropriate to start managing all company processes in a standardized manner. Standards dealing with these issues come from the ISO9001:2008 family – the Quality Management Systems. Nowadays it is more than desirable to utilize IS systems to full extent and implement automated ticket tracking system for both customers’ and internal tasks.

For over ten years we have been using for such purpose the Request Tracker system and did not take a long time before we started offering its implementation to our customers. You decide what is your work-flow and we will implement it using the software. If you are struggling with process analysis of your company, we will be more than happy to help you with analysing it and then we will ensure the implementation adheres to your actual needs.

What is it for?

The Request Tracker system is used for implementing technical or customer support and keeping records of incoming phone, e-mail, web or other requests. With Request Tracker you always have perfect overview about tasks and their requesters, the issue status and which resources are missing for successfully finishing it. Your employees have exact information about requests assigned to them and when are they due.

Important aspects of the system are:

  • effective accountability of currently open and historical requests,
  • simple implementation of internal quality management or information security directives,
  • integrated knowledge base for creating and archiving procedures for solving common tasks,
  • allows for defining and managing ticket meta-data like dates, states, priorities, time worked and any further custom fields defined.

Management tools

Included in the system are various tools allowing for easy internal and external management:

  • worked time summaries,
  • tickets statistics per customer or filtered by any meta-data,
  • summary information about tickets state,
  • work report generating (XML, HTML, PDF).

Interconnecting with other systems

It is an easy task to interconnect other systems like CRM, billing or monitoring systems with Request Tracker. With such interconnection you can automatically invoice provided services, resolve monitoring incidents or calculate cost effectiveness of work for each customer.


Request Tracker is available under GNU General Public Licence which means there are no license fees for obtaining or running it. All the initial costs are only implementation costs of your specific needs and all the running costs are only the costs for running the required server-side services.