In the age of social networks and various more-or-less secure communication tools, it is hard to be at least basically sure that our communication over the Inernet reaches its recipient in unchanged form and confidentiality of such messages is untouched.

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Security auditing

Information security management includes the necessity to regularly test the systems and infrastructure security. Security auditing and penetration testing is used for performing such regular testing.

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Parallel merge-sort leveraging futures in Racket

Computers can perform more and more operations per second but that does not make them much faster without any further effort. In the past, the clock speed was the best measure of processor’s performance. With multi-core and multi-processor systems, this is no longer true and the programmers need to pay attention how to access computers’ performance. Read on to find out how in Racket – a modern Scheme dialect – it is quite easy to leverage parallel processing to speed sorting up.

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