Secure communication

In the age of social networks and various more-or-less secure communication tools, it is hard to be at least basically sure that our communication over the Inernet reaches its recipient in unchanged form and confidentiality of such messages is untouched.

It has already been more than fifteen years since Trustica started providing its services in the field of secure communication over untrusted data networks and we are designing solutions for all imaginable variants of such communication. Should you need to secure a communication between your coworkers or ensure the communication with server systems remains confidential, we are at your service and not only we design communication with security on our mind but we also deliver fully functional implementations if requested.

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Request Tracker

The Request Tracker system is used for implementing technical or customer support and keeping records of incoming phone, e-mail, web or other requests. With Request Tracker you always have perfect overview about tasks and their requesters, the issue status and which resources are missing for successfully finishing it. Your employees have exact information about requests assigned to them and when are they due.

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Latest posts

Elliptic curves: prime-order curves

As we have shown last time, just mapping elliptic curve in simple Weierstrass form over a finite field does not make the curve automatically practical for cryptography. Using just a few points from the whole set cannot be very secure. Today we present two important properties the curve must possess in order to be of some practical use.

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