Security Audits


For mission critical systems it is important to ensure their operational security even before production deployment. Verifying independently whether the data remains confidential with their integrity assured and always available to authorized personnel by incorporating security auditing mechanisms into the product lifecycle is a very powerful tool for helping with overall information assets protection.

Our insight into various stages of the development process helps you making informed decisions on regular basis and always put a step ahead before the attackers. It is important to understand that different approaches are needed for different scenarios though.

Design Security Assessment

Even before the implementation of any system or communication infrastructure starts, an assessment of security implications of its design will always help with ensuring that the realization team does not need to refactor and reimplement parts of the solution later on.

We always focus on broad range of possible attack vectors that might affect the overall systems' security whilst giving the programmers and system engineers practical suggestions on how to improve the situation early on in the process.

Implementation and Code Review

In the implementation phase there is still a chance to catch possible problems before the final deployment. If there are no obvious problems in the design there may still be issues with the code produced and therefore a continuous code review might help with the overall code quality and reduce the chances of overlooking certain security implications.

Our goal is always to help the programmers - who might not be well-versed in security and cryptography - fully understand the impact of how different parts of the code interact. Assuming they know their part well, it will definitely help them produce better final product which is more resillient against many possible attacks.

Cryptography Usage Verification

Many layers of the application and system stack are nowadays dependent upon crypgoraphy usage. Server and client authentication, encryption of data at rest or in tranzit are just simple examples of such dependency. Without properly integrating available cryptographic primitives into the larger environment it is hard to assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of any information assets the systems have to handle.

The task of any responsible security auditor is always to verify the appropriate choice of applicable cryptography and to increase the confidence in all the protective technical measures implemented.