Cryptoucan™ packaging

Written by Dominik Joe Pantůček on November 7, 2019.

Every product needs to be packaged before it hits the shelves. Read on to see what kind of packaging box we have designed for Cryptoucan™!

Cryptoucan™ itself has solid monolithic body which is of anthracite almost black color. It was inevitable for us to create a packaging box that would also sport a sleek dark design. You can get the overall impression in Picture 1. Here at Trustica we just think that sometimes less is better.

Picture 1: Front view

And when it comes to creating a functional design, it turns out that it is true. Just the nice product logo, product name and our identification. That is all. On the other hand, at the back side there has to be a lot more information and as can be seen in Picture 2, it fits there nicely.

Picture 2: Back view

But it is not only about graphical design. The packaging box must also be functional. Displayed in Picture 3 you can see the semi-opened Cryptoucan™ package with the device firmly held in place by cleverly designed cut locks.

Picture 3: Semi-opened packaging

And yes, if you open it – Cryptoucan™ is there as expected. There will be more when our first packaged devices arrive and we will definitely show you all the goodies – but for now, have a quick look at Picture 4 to see the opened box with the device on top.

Picture 4: Opened box with Cryptoucan™ on top

This is just a packaging box sample we made before starting the production of the first thousand of boxes for the market. As soon as they arrive, you can expect to see an unboxing video here. We are very excited as we are waiting for the packages to arrive in the next two or three weeks.

And of course, the whole packaging box can be completely recycled!


Thank you for following our journey to bring Cryptoucan™ to the market and come back next Thursday for updates!